As far as he can remember, Christophe CHALLUT has always lived among paintings. He owes this early immersion in the fascinating world of pictures
to his mother who was an artist.
A love of beauty and a passion for the East, as praised by the romantics, were to mark his mood for a long time. If life has taken him down other roads - hairdressing for example in which he imposed himself as a gifted hair stylist, Christophe has never stopped working on pictorial art. As an aesthete and also a fine collector, he has the instinct and the eye of a real professional.

One day at Stéphane's, his picture framer, he discovered Jean ARCELIN's universe. It was a revelation to him, a rebirth. Without even knowing
the artist, but particularly inspired, he commisioned two oriental paintings. Man from the limpid skies, he at last sees a new magical world open up in front of him ! The East of the Three Wise Men, of the Happy Arabia, of
the marvelous tales appears suddenly, as if by magic, from the hand of the one he calls the " Yves-Saint-Laurent" of painting.

For the opening of the Art Gallery Sultan that will be entirely devoted
to "orientalism", Christophe CHALLUT presents a selection of disconcerting works where time seems to hang on motionless waves of the desert.
Elegance, grace, and sweetness are each a part of these paintings, full of poetry and light, with nomads meditating on the edge of the great sands,
and where the land is transfigured by a burning sun.
Were not Honfleur and its radiant light predestined to welcome this discovery ?

Christophe CHALLUT